How to Trace a Phone Number: Past and Present Methods

You may have not considered this but you may find yourself in a position that you will have to find the person behind a phone call. There are many different reasons why you may have to find a person or a businessman by a phone number that your caller ID was not able to identify. Whether you’re trying to find the mysterious phone number on your home or cell phone bill, or you’re looking to see who is responsible for all the crank phone calls you’ve been receiving, the first question you have to ask yourself is

Tracing a phone call or even if you need to lookup on a cell phone number used to be time consuming and expensive – if not impossible. In most cases, in order to find a person through phone number, it would be absolutely necessary to hire personal investigator for private detective in order to track down the person behind phone number. Even with advancements in caller ID, some numbers couldn’t be identified by this technology and hiring somebody was the only way to find the number you are looking for.


Today, thanks to Internet technology, you can use free services and purchase the use of extensive services that will allow you to trace a phone call back to the person that made the call. If you want to know how to find an address by phone number, many of these services offer reverse lookup services, which will allow you to input a particular phone number and find a persons name and address. With the extensive databases these services offer, you can even do lookup on a cell phone number as easily as you would do a traditional phone line.

Out of the many services offered online, some will be free and some will charge a fee. While the free services can be helpful, the database that they use is typically quite limited, which means you may not get the results you’re looking for. There are many reputable services that will charge a fee for access to their database, but if tracing the phone call is important then paying a fee for this service will make sense. Given the extensive of the databases available, you’ll typically find that the fees are quite reasonable.

To find a good service, your best option is to look around online, get reviews of different lookup services and find which one has the best price as well as the best customer reviews. If finding a name or an address to a phone number is important for you, these services are going to offer you the best opportunity to do that quickly and inexpensively.


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